At ICA, our products are sure to meet your personal & business insurance needs.

We offer group health coverage for employees suitable for your small business or for a large corporate entity. 

Our team can design an offer that enables businesses manage their most needed resource (human resources: your team).

Whether your team is 5 or 500, ICA has a plan for you. 

Our Group Medical Plan includes over 30 medical facilities across the length and breadth of Liberia, supported by our team of in-house professionals to ensure your employees are cared for. 

Our facilities include 

  • Catholic Hospital
  • JFK
  • Snapper Hill
  • ELWA, Jahmale
  • SOS
  • St. Timothy (Grand Cape Mount)
  • St. Francis (Rivercess)
  • Ganta Hospital (Nimba)
  • St. Francis (Maryland)
  • Life Support Clinic (River Gee), to name a few…

We offer Group Life Policies, renewable on an annual basis that covers your employees.

In the unfortunate event of death, the employee’s named beneficiary or legal heir(s) will be eligible for a death benefit.

This benefit is an avenue through which Liberian corporations can ensure a death benefit is in place for every member of their team.

Most corporations are run by a Board of Directors & an Executive Team. 

Directors & Officer’s Liability protects individuals from personal losses that may arise from lawsuit as a result of serving in their capacity as a director

or an officer of the organization in question. 

Workmen's compensation covers the insured's liability to their employees for illness or bodily injury arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Related legal claims are also covered to the extent outlined by the policy.
General Liability insurance, also referred to as business or commercial liability insurance, covers various claims arising out of the operations of a business or services and products offered.
Bonds protects an obligee who contracts the insured to perform a specific work or duty by reimbursing them when that sole duty is not performed.
Cash in transit covers losses incurred in the course of business operations while transporting cash from Point A to Point B.
Our fire policy is designed to compensate for losses incurred due to damages caused by fire.
Banker's Blanket Bond (BBB) cover, protects banking institutions against direct financial losses incurred as a result of employee dishonesty, forgery, cyber fraud, extortion, counterfeit currency, just to mention a few.
ICA Marine policy covers loss or damages caused to marine cargo/hull from the port of origin to the final destination
ICA Travel Insurance coverage is designed to protect travelers against losses that could occur as a result of travel.

These include missed connections, delayed luggage, and other unexpected changes that result in losses to travelers.