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How can I insure my vehicle? What do I need?

        To Insure your vehicle all you have to do is follow these simple steps;


        1.     Fill out ICA’s vehicle insurance proposal form


        2.    Provide a copy of your vehicle MOT registration document or bill of sale/Transfer of title


        3.       Pay the requisite premium. 

What is the purpose of the Brown Card? Is it a part of my vehicle insurance?


       The purpose of the Ecowas Brown card is to allow Ecowas vehicles to move freely within the Ecowas region.

       Also, the Ecowas Brown card guarantees the victims of road accident a prompt and fair 

       compensation of damages caused by non-residents' motorist from Ecowas member states visiting Liberia and

       vice versa.

      The Ecowas Brown card is included in your vehicle insurance package. 

Is the Brown card mandatory?

        Yes it is. Please see link below


Can I pay for 6 months vehicle insurance? What about 1 month?

               ICA Auto Insurance package offers coverage for 1 year and 6 months only.      

What health facilities are covered in my Group Policy as an employee (of a registered company with ICA)?

        ICA has a comprehensive list of health providers, however, employees need to contact their 

        employer directly for the agreed facilities covered under the company’s specific package.

I lost my medical Insurance Card, what do I need to do?

        When your medical Insurance ID card is missing, kindly notify ICA's medical department

        through your Human Resource Manager. Your card will be replaced at a nominal fee.

Can my spouse and dependents use the same card I use?

        No they cannot. The insured's spouse and dependents are issued separate medical cards.