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Modified Anticipated Endowment

This type of plan has been specially designed for persons who need funds for various purposes at different stages before the policy matures. The most attractive feature of this policy is that through out the duration of the policy the death risk remains covered for the full sum assured irrespective of any interim payments made. 

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Endowment Assurance

 The sum assured under this policy is payable to the sum assured himself if he survives the maturity date of the policy or to his beneficiary or legal heirs in the event of previous death. The premiums are payable for the endowment term or until death if earlier.

This plan combines protection for the family and provision for old age.

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Child Educational Endowment Assurance

This is a special policy to provide proper education for the children. Everybody knows that secondary and university education is very costly and with this plan, the provider secures the education of the children even should he die prior to his children reaching university age.

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