ICA awards scholarships to performing female students

17.10.22 10:59 AM Comment(s) By Uzochukwu Kingsley Chukwudi

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Insurance Company of Africa (ICA) has awarded scholarships to the two best performing female students from William V.S. Tubman High and G. W Gibson High School, respectively.

Both Mamaka Kromah of G. W Gibson and Loretha Larmie of Tubman High were selected from their various schools by their various schools as best performing students with the highest averages, respectively.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the ICA, Madam Ethel V. Knuckles disclosed that awarding the students the scholarship is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility.

She said the team of ICA staffers went to the two schools’ senior high level to view the grades of all the students and later realized that both Mamaka Kromah and Lerotha were the two students with the highest grade point, something she said qualified the students to win the scholarship from the company.


Uzochukwu Kingsley Chukwudi